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MK + Cassie = Soul Sisters

a female friend not related by blood who shares a bond that transcends time, space, and distance. someone who comes into your life and changes everything. will cheer you up when you are down. laugh with you untl your stomach hurts. and makes you feel at home when you are far away.

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    This place is absolutely charming!

    Love their wide range of sizes and selection! Cute accessories too!! It's hard to find a place that has everything a girl needs in one place!! I would most definitely recommend!

    Great Store <3

    I like when the ladies model the fashions and post online. Lots of styles and sizes! Keep up the good work.

    This place is so cute!

    This place is so cute, charming and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The sales team that works there are extremely nice. Truly a cute gem in Locust Grove.